11 News Special Report "No Place To Go"

There are more than 170 unattended youth in School District 51.
Meaning they're either homeless or are in a transitional period of their lives. But thanks to Reach Advocates working directly with these students they are able to get the basics things they need like transportation, breakfast and lunch. But when the school day's over they're still left with no place to go. A year ago Lindsay Archuleta ran away from home. She says she didn't leave on the best of terms and returning was never an option. Lindsay says when she couldn't find a friend to stay with she would sleep in a the McDonalds dumpster where she worked. Or she would find shelter in a park bathroom. With no place to go Lindsay dropped out of high school. But when she was approached by Reach Advocates about the possibility of attending R5 High School and graduating on time she went for it. With education again a part of Lindsay's life other aspects of it began falling into place. She got a job at Pets-Smart, found a place to live and now knows what her future holds. She wants to be dog groomer and help other homeless teens. When the new Youth Tree House Shelter opens this Monday she plans to volunteer so that other teens don't have to experience what she did.