Congressman Salazar Speaks Out About High Gas Prices

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John Salazar visited the Grand Valley Saturday to appear at dedications in Palisade. While in town, Salazar spoke out about the high gas prices and what congress is doing to bring the prices down.

Currently, the average cost of fuel nationally is two dollars and ninety-two cents. Colorado's average price of regular gas is two dollars and eighty-two cents.

Congressman Salazar says he asked the Federal Trade Commission to review price gouging at the pumps as a short term solution. But for a long term solution, Salazar says that Americans need to turn to other resources for energy.

The consumer backlash over the rising fuel prices was of major concern in Washington this week. Senate Democrats launched a five hour filibuster aimed at killing an oil industry subsidy. Senate Republicans adopted a plan proposed by Democrats earlier in the week that aimed to suspend the eighteen cent gas tax — and cancel some tax breaks for oil companies.
republicans also want to hand out hundred dollar gas rebates to consumers...