Rainy Day Fund Proposal Moves To State Senate

As a member of the Joint Budget Committee, one of the project's Representative Bernie Buescher has had success on is trying to establish a rainy day fund for Colorado. Bill 1050 passed the full house Friday and will make its next stop in the state senate on Monday.
The passing of Referendum C in November put Colorado in a much more stable economic situation and the rainy day fund, spearheaded by Grand Junction Representative Buescher, looks to put away some of that money for when the state really needs it.
The bi–partisan proposal passed through the house on its third reading..
with nearly three–quarters of the house voting in favor and Buescher says he's optimistic about the proposal's ultimate passing.
Buescher also said that while cuts will still have to be made when Colorado's economy starts to slide, a rainy day fund would lessen the severity of those cuts.