Local Businesses Prepare For Immigration Rally

From Denver to Grand Junction, tens of thousands of people across Colorado are expected to rally for immigration rights on Monday and some employers are giving their staff the day off.
Two events are scheduled in Grand Junction for Monday's day of local action for immigration.
In the morning, a rally will be held outside the Federal Building on Rood Ave., during which time 1,500 signed petitions urging immigration reform policies will be unveiled to present to U.S. Senator Wayne Allard's office.
With thousands expected to attend the rallies, local businesses could be affected as immigrant employees take part.
In Grand Junction, some restaurants are not sure what to expect. While some are expected to be fully staffed and open for business, others are taking advantage of the day by giving employees the day off and taking care of maintenance work.
In addition to Monday's rally, a bilingual prayer service will also be held Monday night at St. Joseph's Church, which will be a showing of solidarity for undocumented immigrants who are asking for compassion and fairness from the nation's lawmakers as they consider reform policies.