Teen Escapes From Department of Youth Corrections, Caught in Orchard Mesa Neighborhood

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Monday afternoon a massive manhunt was launched for a teen after he escaped from the Department of Youth Corrections. Later that evening, he was caught wandering around an Orchard Mesa neighborhood. It's video you'll only see on 11 News.

Just before 4:00 Monday afternoon, DYC officials say 16-year-old Marcos Gomez had climbed over a fence at the facility during recreation time and escaped.

"You can see the facility perfectly from our backyard," said Justin Brindisi who lives on Orchard Mesa. "I could hear the sirens going off so I went outside to see what happened and I saw a bunch of people in front."

Authorities sent out a reverse 911 call to residents of Orchard Mesa telling them to stay inside and keep their eyes peeled. Meanwhile, sheriff's deputies spent time looking for him along the Colorado River. Then a breakthrough --

"PD got a report of a burglary in progress that brought police and deputies up in this area for further investigation," said Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lisa McCammon.

Law enforcement surrounded Cheyenne Drive, where neighbors told them they had seen a teen break into a house to possibly steal some clothes, then wander into the backyard of a nearby home.

"I didn't know anything was going on until my phone rang and I was told to get the kids and get out of the house now," said Monica Brindisi, who owns the home where Gomez was found.

Monica Brindisi says she had received the reverse 911 call and even took extra precautions like locking her doors and windows in case Gomez came. But she never thought he actually would.

"I felt danger," said Monica Brindisi. "I mean, oh my god! I'm glad the police acted to quick that they got us out. I mean the hair stood on top of my head."

Monica Brindisi says she and her family had no clue anyone was at their home, and after rushing her kids out, she had to run back in to get her teenage son out of the shower.

Once they were out of harms way, with guns drawn and dogs at the ready, authorities caught Gomez along the side of the house and took him into custody.

"Anytime there's a quick apprehension without any major incidents, it's a good day," said McCammon.

Gomez was initially placed in the DYC for driving under restraint and obstructing a police officer. Officials say he will return there with escaping charges, which is a felony. They say charges of burglary, theft, and trespassing are also pending.

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