An In-Depth Look At Nursing In The Grand Valley: Part 1

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When you are sick and need care, you rely on a nurse for quality, dependable care. But what if there is not enough nurses to give you the care and attention that you need?

Many parts of Colorado report having a nursing shortage. But after several interviews with local facilities, many say there is not a nursing shortage at this time in Grand Junction. But it does not mean we are in the clear.

Nursing used to be one of the few fields a woman could enter. Today, there are so many career choices available to young people. According to the director of Home Care of the Grand Valley, the nursing population here in Grand Junction is aging. The average age of a nurse in colorado is fourty–seven, so it is important to keep attracting young people into the nursing field.

New retirees and the energy boom is bringing more and more people into Grand Junction, which has also increased the demand for more nurses. Mesa State College's Nursing Program has been a big provider in supplying nurses in the valley.

At this time, there is an 11 percent shortage of nurses in the state. The shortage is much worse in the rural areas of the state due in large part to the high gas prices.