Montrose Delegate Inspired by DNC

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For Montrose delegate Jayne Bilberry, the Democratic National Convention is inspiring -- even after just one day.

"The excitement was overwhelming," said Bilberry.

She says it's something she will never forget.

"When you walk out there it was almost like being in Congress or something like that," said Bilberry. "I was just in awe."

Bilberry says she is looking forward to Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden's speech Wednesday night.

"I am sure that he was chosen for the right reasons," said Billberry. " I think everybody will fee really comfortable and confident in him."

But before that there are still other events to attend.

"It's a hectic schedule," said Bilberry. "We are just trying to fit everything in and everything is so enlightening and so empowering."

One of those events was a forum on the American economy with guest speaker Michelle Obama.

"She spoke about working women, health care today, and how Barack Obama supports working class and families across America," said Bilberry.

But there was also another surprise speaker -- Senator Biden.

"That was a great surprise," said Bilberry.

With the first day of the convention barely over and the second day only half gone, delegates were already pumped up and ready to go.

"I'm ready to come back to Montrose and the Western Slope and work hard for the Democrats," said Bilberry. "Because we really need them."

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