Vet News: Breed Rescue Groups Help Find Purebred Animals a Home

Many people would love to save a pet by adopting from the local shelter, but some people prefer the looks and personalities of purebred dogs. Dr. Krista Gibson was live in our studio this morning to let us know how we can find the right breed and save the life of a shelter animal.

There is great deal of concern about the fate of millions of pets in local shelters, and finding the right pet at a shelter may not be easy when your heart is set on a certain breed of dog.

New alternatives are solving this problem. Breed rescue groups actually save purebred dogs from shelters, sometimes just hours before euthanasia is planned. These groups can also take in pets when their owners can't care for them any longer.

Rescue groups spend a lot of time interviewing prospective new owners, even going as far as sending a volunteer to do a home inspection. Because of their commitment to these standards, breed rescue groups have a higher rate of successful adoptions than typical shelters.

To find a rescue group near you use the links below this story.

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