Linemen's Rodeo Held To Fine Tune Electricians' Skills

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The Mesa Hot Line School held its annual Linemen's Rodeo Saturday.
Fourteen journeymen teams and more than a hundred apprentices competed in the rodeo to fine tune their electrical skills.

The linemen perform different exercises that are judged, including a hurt–man rescue. The hurt-man rescue is an exercise where the electricians simulate rescuing someone who got hurt on an electrical poll. Some other drills included repairing hot wires on the power lines and a rope splicing event for the journeymen.

The rodeo is held to recognize the hard work of linemen who risk their lives to deliver electricity to the public.

The linemen are judged on safety, work practices and craftsmanship.
The winners of Saturday's competitionw will go on to compete in the International Linesmen Rodeo in Kansas City.