Wanna Win A House? One Man Did, While Helping WESTCAP

A Grand Junction man is the lucky winner of a brand new home
in the Wanna Win a House fundraiser for the Western Colorado Aids Project.

Hopefuls gathered outside of the Alpine Bank in downtown Grand Junction Saturday morning,
all waiting with anticipation that their name would be the one drawn.
After 10 months of preparation,
WestCAP held the drawing for the largest giveaway ever in Grand Junction.
They gave away a brand new home worth $220,000 dollars Saturday to lucky winner Patrick Mobley of Grand Junction,
and after it's all said and done
Patrick isn't the only one walking away with a prize at the end.

After all of the expenses, and paying for the home and the advertising, WestCAP raised around $50,000 dollars, which they say is about five times the amount they have ever raised before.

More than 25 hundred raffle tickets were sold over the course of the WestCAP fundraiser.