Blind Man Wins House In Raffle, Says It's All For Charity

The winner of the Wanna Winna House Fundraiser says he was just doing what he enjoys best, giving to people who are in need.

Grand Junction resident Patrick Mobley won the brand new house worth $220,000 by purchasing a $100 raffle ticket in the Wanna Winna House fundraiser.

The Western Colorado Aids Project or Westcap held the fundraiser to raise money and awareness for people living with aids on the western slope. Mobley who is blind hasn't had a chance to visit the house, but says he doesn't plan to move in anytime soon. That's because he plans to rent it out and use the money for charity.

Mobley beat out 2,500 other Wanna Winna House hopefuls,
and together they helped raise $50,000 for Westcap.