Holtzman Says Ref C Backers "Cooked the Books"

Gubernatorial candidate Marc Holzman announced he would enact a cut on personal taxes that would top one billion dollars if he is elected. During a visit to Grand Junction today he said the people who crafted referendum C, quote.. "cooked the books".

Speaking at the Republican Women's luncheon today, Holtzman told the audience that income from referendum C has brought in 4.25 billion dollars this year, 1.1 billion dollars more than predicted. He said he would refund taxpayers that difference in a massive tax break he called the largest in state history.Holzman also said he would restore spending caps on the legislature and balance the state budget.

The former Secretary of Technology under Governor Bill Owens,
Holtzman says the state needs to increase technological know–how in order to stay competitive in a world economy.