Legislative Session Ends Early

The Legislative Session came to end late Monday night, two days earlier than it was supposed to. Some local lawmakers say it was a contentious but productive four months. On Monday the senate gave final approval to a bill aimed at who they call "coyotes," those who smuggle in illegal workers for money. And Governor Bill Owens signed a bill that says police must notify US Immigration and Customs Enforcement If someone arrested for a crime is a suspected illegal immigrant. Some major bills the Governor has signed so far include a house bill which would prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants and most workplaces beginning July first. Senate Bill 55 which makes schools give more accurate reports of violence on campus. And a bill which says a dog owner can be prosecuted the first time their dog bites someone resulting in serious bodily injury. A few of the bills vetoed by the governor include a proposed bill which would have allowed pharmacists to dispense emergency contraception pills without a doctor's prescription. And protection for medical workers who report errors. Scores of bills passed by lawmakers will end up on the governor's desk over the next three weeks. Monday night night Grand Junction Senator Ron Teck gave his farewell address saying his time in the senate has been bittersweet. The term–limited senator will be moving back to Grand Junction to work for Mesa State College. Governor Bill Owens has a June 7th deadline to sign the bills before him, veto them or let them become law without his signature.