Bush To Speak at Convention Via Satellite Tonight

St. Paul, Minn. (Ap) After pausing for a day for Hurricane Gustav, republicans gathered in Minnesota have turned their convention back onto a political track.

President Bush will be speaking tonight by satellite from the White House in prime-time, to promote John McCain's candidacy.

Also speaking, from the convention site in St. Paul, will be former democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman and former Senator Fred Thompson.

A flurry of last-minute changes took place as Republicans put a new convention schedule in place for the remaining three days.

Bush had been scheduled to speak in person last night, but instead went to Texas to be with disaster workers as Gustav threatened the gulf.

It's not clear if Thompson has replaced Rudy Giuliani as the convention keynote speaker. Planners say Giuliani, who was supposed to give the keynote speech tonight, will address the gathering in prime time tomorrow or Thursday. They don't know if he'll still be the keynote speaker.

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