Colorado Author Tells Where and How to Take Great Pics

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Jim Steinberg and his Volvo, 'Old Yeller' have traveled over 500,000 miles of Colorado roads taking many different pictures along the way.

Apart from the driving its something he's been doing since he was 13.
"I didn't know any better, I thought I could do it and it's worked our pretty well," says Steinberg.
Steinberg just released his second book in a series highlighting Colorado's scenic byways, with not only pictures of the areas but how to take the pictures as well.
Steinberg explains some of his techniques. "So what I wanna try and do is find my shadows and work across the light so I can use the light to create form and dimension and that will give us depth."
Making those normally boring vacation slide shows into a work of art.
Steinberg says, "When you make a photograph you really have to lead the viewer into the scene you want him or her to look at."
Especially those pictures that everyone takes.

"Often times people will come out and they'll say, 'oh wow' there it is and they see the rock and they will just set up a camera and what they do is they put the rock in the middle of the photograph and there is nothing in the foreground and all you see is the rock and the valley behind it... And we are going to use this pine for a number of things. One, I'm going to use it to frame the rock and also I'm going to use it to give contrast and color to a scene that otherwise was a little flat," says Steinberg.

"We've got this beautiful road down here with these great curves and its gonna give a nice sense of place again if we can put this all in proper perspective."
A perspective Steinberg and 'Old Yeller' will be looking to photograph miles down the Colorado road ways.

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