Could Worley's Death Have Been Prevented?

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With services and technology available in
Mesa County, could the death of 81-year-old
Afton Worley have been prevented? Perhaps.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office offers a
program titles "Project Lifesaver"; a system
using a wrist/ankle bracelet which can be
tracked using a unique antenna system if
someone with Alzheimers Disease or other
forms of dementia goes missing.

Worley was not signed up for the program,
though with a dementia diagnosis and
around-the-clock care from a nurse, friend or family member,
she could of qualified. Laurie Frasier from the Alzheimers
Association of Mesa County says there should be far more
people enrolled in the service the eight folks currently signed up.

The service is free to the public and anyone can sign up for
"Project Lifesaver", by going to the Sheriff's Office website:
or going to the office itself:
(215 Rice St. Grand Junction.)

The Mesa County Coroner has determined that the death of a
missing dementia patient was accidental. The body of 81-year-old
Afton Worley, of 2236 North 17th street, was found on North 26th street.
The Coroner has determined that she had died from exposure and the
death was accidental.

Worley suffered from dementia and was reported missing September 2nd
when her front door was open she could not be found at home or in her neighborhood.