New Feature at Vietnam Memorial is Music to Veteran's Ears

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Veterans from all around the Grand Valley drove to Fruita to dedicate a new feature at the Vietnam Memorial.

Retired Brigadeer General Harry Hagaman of the U.S. Marine Corps listened to the sounds of the new audio track on Friday and it brought back wartime memories.

"Listen to that! That's the way the engine sounds when it runs. It's the sweetest sound on earth when it comes in and rescues you."

The track talks about the Vietnam War and gives information about the memorial so visitors have a guide.

It's motion activated and runs on eight minute cycles.

"I think it's wonderful because people can come up and say geez, this is really wonderful, I wish I knew a little more about it and it tells them," Hagaman told 11 News on Friday.

The audio system was paid for by private donations from people in the community.

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