Police Create No Crossing Zone Near GJHS; Not Everyone Following New Rules

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Earlier this year 11 News told you about concerns with Grand Junction High School students jay walking across 7th Street during lunchtime. Now the police department has taken steps to change that -- but not everyone is following the new rules.

It's not uncommon to see students from Grand Junction High leave school and cross 7th Street to get lunch. It's also not uncommon to see something more shocking. 11 News cameras were rolling in February as several students were nearly hit trying to cross 7th Street at Tiger Avenue.

"Our officers have witnessed numerous near-misses between students who are trying to cross and the oncoming traffic," said Kate Porras, spokesperson for the Grand Junction Police Department.

Officials say on top of that, traffic back-ups have become routine as students walk across the road in waves. So between the safety and traffic hazards, police decided there was only one thing they could do -- turn the intersection into a no crossing zone and redirect students to the designated crosswalk at 7th and North.

"A few extra steps to protect their lives, we think it's certainly well worth it," said Porras.

Some students agree.

"I think it's a better idea," said Dakota Bryant, a GJHS senior. "It's not really that hard to walk a little more and it should be better because you decrease the risk of getting hit."

To make sure students comply, signs have been posted at the intersection and reminders have been made during the morning announcements. But it seems they haven't caught everyone's attention.

"They think it's the most convenient for them," said Bryant. "I guess they've got it in their head that they're invincible."

While it might be more convenient for their legs, police say it won't be convenient for their wallets.

"If people are blatantly disobeying the law, they will be faced with a fifty dollar ticket," said Porras.

Just another incentive, they say, that will help keep students and others safe.

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