Cyanide Scare Forces Evacuation

A late night for members of the Grand Junction fire and police departments after an alleged suicidal man exposes residents of an apartment building to a poisonous substance. Just after 10 p.m. Thursday Grand Junction EMS personnel responded to a report of an unconscious man in an apartment in the 22–hundred block of N. 6th Street. As they responded it was determined rodent killer containing cyanide was in use. The hazardous materials team as well as officers with the police department responded. The apartment building was evacuated and the reverse 911 system was activated to alert residents within a one block radius of the potentially dangerous situation. No one ingested the powdery substance containing the cyanide including the alleged suicidal man. Five people from inside the building including two who were inside the contaminated apartment were observed for signs of cyanide poisoning. Fortunately no one was injured. After he was decontaminated the alleged suicidal man was transported to St. Mary's Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. It's still unclear whether he'll face criminal charges in the incident.