A Semi-Truck Hits A Power Line Causing Power Outages And A Freeway Closure

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A little after 3 p.m. Friday, a truck driver hit electrical lines on 23 Road near Highway 6 &50, causing a transformer to explode and a power pole to break.

People who worked in the surrounding business's were told to stay inside. One man who works with Western Slope Industries said that he saw a bright blue flash when the transformer blew up. There were no injuries, but the surrounding area lost power.

Grand Valley Power, who is responsible for restoring the power, says that the electrical repairs should be completed by 4 a.m. Friday. It is still not known what actually happened when the man drove the truck underneath the lines. According to authorities, the man drives under those power lines everyday. Bresnan and Qwest companies are out in the field, but cannot make their repairs until the power lines are restored. The Highway 6 and 50 should be reopened by midnight Friday.