Retired Firefighter's Garage Engulfed in Flames

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A family of retired firefighters experience a fire of their own, after a late night blaze causes thousands of dollars worth of damage to their garage.

Just after 7:45 Sunday evening, the Lands End Fire Department received a report of a garage engulfed in flames in the 6700 block of Reeder Mesa Road.

Wanda Graham, who was at home when the fire broke out, says she and her husband had no clue anything was happening until a neighbor came by and got their attention. She says flames were about 20 feet high and spreading quickly.

The Grahams are retired Lands End firefighters and immediately began to fight the blaze with a hose and back while they waited for the fire department to arrive.

Three engines rushed to the scene and crews were able to knock down the fire within a matter of minutes.

Graham says she's seen fought a lot of fires in her time, but never thought she's be fighting one at her home.

“It feels pretty helpless actually," said Graham. "You know what you need to do and you know what you really want to do. You want to put the fire out, but you know you can’t go in there and you can’t get too close to the flames.”

Fire officials say the fire likely started after trash that was burning in barrels nearby caught some grass on fire and spread to the garage. They say they don't know what the total damage is yet, but estimate it will be at least $45,000.

Graham's husband received minor burns on his face as he tried to create a fire line with his back hoe.

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