Art and Jazz Fest Spices Up Downtown

The smooth sound of Jazz
can be heard all along Main Street in Grand Junction,
which makes perusing the paintings and other art work at the 18th annual Art and Jazz Festival
that much more enjoyable.
Whether you are looking to buy
or browse,
there's something for everyone.
Pottery, Jewelry
and glass work,
as well has paintings,
drawings and photography.
More than 80 artists from all over the Southwest have their brilliant work on display,
and the best part,
many are busy working on their latest piece of art
so you can watch genius in action.
But the festival isn't just a good time for the shoppers,
the artists themselves are getting a lot out of the experience.

Also during the festivities,
Main Street has been given an artistic face lift.
More than 30 sculptures were replaced Saturday Morning
with new works of art.
Its part of the art on the corner program,
which is a year long outdoor exhibit that gives Main Street its artistic flare and gives artists a chance to show off their creativity.

There are more than one hundred pieces of art that are displayed year round in Grand Junction.
75 are permanent installations,
the other 25 to 30 are changed out every year during the Art and Jazz festival.