First Stand Alone Starbucks Opens In Grand Junction

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The first ever, company owned Starbucks opened in Grand Junction this past Friday. For many people, its a very welcome corporation- but for others.. they prefer to buy their cup of java from the local coffee houses instead.

Starbucks Company decided that with the Grand Valley's rapid growth, it was time to put in a store. They chose the location on 24 Road and Patterson because of its accessibility.

While many people will only drink a Starbucks, some Grand Junction residents prefer coffee from local shops- such as Coffee Muggers or Traders Coffee.

According to Starbucks, local coffee houses should not worry about losing business. Their research shows that a Starbucks in town actually increases the traffic of the local coffee shops.

But, the business economics aside, there's a little bit of everything for the coffee connoisseur here in the Grand Valley.