County to Purchase Land Near Mt. Garfield

Mesa County to pay price they could not resist for land at base of Mt. Garfield.

The property is 47 acres that sits at the base of Mt. Garfield between the mountain and Interstate 70. The land has been for sale for quite sometime but the owner had been waiting for just the right offer. Mesa County will pay a total of $215,000 for the land.

Current land owner Jim Leany says he's happy with today's sale. Leany says, "That's one icon you know of this valley that will stay the same for indians, pioneers you know whoever's seen a hundred years ago or three hundred years ago it will be the same."

The sale won't officially close until later this month. Even if the land is purchased, the county may not be able to keep the land, it may end up being held by the BLM.

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