Doctors Urge Moderation When Using Energy Drinks

Last year, popular energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar pulled in $6 billion dollars in profits. Loaded with caffeine, sugar and herbal forms of energy, the drinks are starting to open the eyes of doctors and parents alike.

The latest high energy beverage looks more like a dangerous chemical than a sugary drink. Core Fast is banned from anyone under 18, warning against anyone drinking more than a can per day, but doctors only seem to worry about drinking a lot at one time.

"Some of the concerns might be associated with large intake, maybe having six or eight cans of Red Bull in a night," says Dr. Neil Harrison, Professor of Molecular Neuropharmacology

Chugging too much of these drinks have led to hypertension and heart palpitations.
And they had one word of advice before guzzling one down: read the label.

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