Jury Trial Begins

Jury selection gets underway today in the case of a man suspected in a crime spree in Grand Junction which includes stealing more than 10 cars . The selection process began at about three Monday afternoon in the trail of Kyle Bang. Bang was arrested in Arizona on a Mesa County warrant in August. Bang is accused of stealing more than 10 cars in Mesa County. He faces more than 45 charges most of which stem from unlawfully entering several different homes, taking personal property from them and stealing motor vehicles. A jury pool of 60 will be narrowed down to just 12 who will decide the fate of Bang.
Prior to the jury being brought into court the Defense asked Judge Diester to rule 22 pages of reports from the Colorado State Patrol inadmissible because they didn't receive the reports until 30 minutes before trial was to begin. Judge Diester did in turn rule the Colorado State Patrol Troopers who made the reports would not be allowed to testify for the state's case. The District Attorney's Office says there are more than 100 pieces of evidence they may use during the course of Bang's trial. One of which is a Wal–Mart surveillance tape.
There are more than 15 victims involved in this case. The trial is expected to last nine days.

At the time of his arrest Kyle Bang had a one–hundred–thousand dollar warrant. He was arrested in Arizona after receiving a tip from a Grand Valley resident.