Judge Diester Declares Mistrial in Bang Case

A mistrial has been declared in a Jury trial for a man that has been charged with over fifty different charges.

21 year old Kyle Bang was in court Tuesday
for the beginning of a jury trial that would decide his guilt or innocence.

But problems with jury selection arose,
stopping the trial in its tracks.

What was supposed to be a nine day trial,
came to an abrupt halt Tuesday
during the jury selection process.
There were a couple jurors that did know the defendant Kyle Bang
and during questioning,
they had made comments about Bang and their negative personal experiences with him.
The problem is,
that those comments were made in the presence of the other potential jurors.
This led both Bangs Defense Attorney
and the District Attorney's office to ask for a mistrial.

Kyle Bang is facing an array of charges,
including burglary,
auto theft,
criminal tresspassing,
and reckless endangerment.
Because of the number of charges,
the trial is slated to take over a week to complete.

This time...
the District Attorney's office says,
they will use a questionaire to determine if anyone has personal experience with Bang.

The trial is scheduled to take place in mid August.