New Grand Junction Police Unit Looking To Curb Speeders

In an effort to promote traffic safety, the Grand Junction Police Department recently started a special unit to focus on speed limit enforcement and awareness.
The department's special traffic enforcement unit took to the streets on May 1 and the unit, which includes 6 officers, four of which are motor officers, is a direct result of community input.
The traffic unit is not a new concept, it's just a way of shifting resources and along with cracking down on high speed areas, officers will also be looking at areas and intersections that are considered high risk accident spots.
Grand Junction City Council members granted two new positions for the unit and officials say with patrol units focusing strictly on traffic, other officers can be more readily available to assist citizens in need.
The Grand Junction Police Traffic Unit is also responding to direct calls from residents complaining of speeders. If you are concerned about traffic safety in your neighborhood, you're asked to call the Grand Junction Police Department.