Lake Habitat Restoration Project Begins

Small bodies of water play a major role in the lives of birds...and that's why Bureau of Land Management employees and volunteers are hand– planting vegetation at a local pond.

Workers have been rehabilitating 6&50 Lake first by removing tamarisk from the shores and flats of the small lake. Today crews are planting sedge, willows, rushes and other water–loving plants in order to create a lush marsh–and mudflat habitat for birds and other animals.

One project volunteer says creating a marsh and mudflat habitat will attract different types of birds and other animals that a river or "wet" lake would attract, includiing species such as avocets and snipes that probe the mud and shallow water for food.

6&50 lake is about five miles west of Mack in the McInnis Canyons National Recreation Area. Land around 6&50 lake has been specifically set aside by the BLM as an area of wildlife emphasis.