Political Parties Hold State Assembly's

Colorado's Democratic and Republican parties hold their individual assembly's Saturday to decide on candidate's for August's primary election.
The Colorado Republican Party selected its candidates for several positions for August's primary ballot, which is the pre–cursor to November's general election.
While it's undetermined as of yet whether Bob Beauprez or Mark Holtzman will be on the August ballot for the state's gubernatorial race, Saturday morning at the GOP assembly in Colorado Springs, nominees for each of the lower three statewide offices.
The candidates will be Mike Coffman for Secretary of State, Mark Hillman for Treasurer and John Suthers for Attorney General.
On the Democratic side, nearly 4000 Democratic officials, delegates and guests attended the Colorado Democratic Assembly in Greely.
Party members voted to nominate Bill Ritter as the Democratic candidate for governor.
There were no other Democrat candidates vying for the governorship, but the party had to formalize Ritter's nomination for him to appear on the August primary ballot.
Ritter says that if he becomes governor, he will turn Colorado into a leader for the 21st century.