Two Hikers Rescued In Mee Canyon

After being reported more than 24 hours overdue by family members early Monday afternoon, two hikers are quickly located by Mesa County Search and Rescue teams Monday night.
At around 8:30 p.m. Monday, rescue workers found the hikers and they were both reported to be in good shape.
It turns out the remote trail proved a little tougher than the men thought,
so they took their time getting out.
The two male hikers, who are both in their 40's, made their way to Mee Canyon for a weekend of hiking and fishing, but were supposed to return home Sunday.
Their vehicle was found at the Mee Canyon trail head and three teams;
one a two-man boat team attacked the canyon from the bottom along the Colorado River, the second and third teams scaled the trail from the top of the trail head, with one being assisted by a scent dog.
Despite the experience of the all–volunteer rescue team, Mee Canyon did present some obstacles.
The Mee Canyon Trail is a single track trail and meant for experienced hikers. Ground team members said many parts of the trail are almost non–existent, so rescuers had to resort to covering the trail on foot. although all–terrain vehicles were used on roads surrounding the trail head.
Officials add that the operation was smooth and take comfort in the fact that everyone involved came out safely.