Black Mountain Disposal Temporary Closed

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In a unanimous vote on Tuesday the Mesa County Commission voted to close Black Mountain Disposal for failing to meet requirements set by the state.
County Commissioner Janet Rolland said, "They have not done that in fact in the last year and a half the state has worked diligently with them to come into compliance and they failed to do so."
Frank Lamm, a neighbor of the facility says the temporary closure won't solve any of the problems. "The fluids will still be there, the evaporation is still going to be there whether they are closed or open so we'll still be getting toxic fumes but I think its probably a step in the right direction," says Lamm.

Lamm along with other neighbors say the evaporator pits are causing them health problems. "There is benzene, toluene, xylene, all these things are floating around in the air... fumes coming off of that pit are turning my rain water from clear to a reddish orange."

Black Mountain will have to meet eight requirements set by the state in order to re–open.
Roland says, "They should be able to actually come into compliance within 90 days if they get busy right away."
Lamm says he doesn't want to see Black Mountain Disposal closed down but suggested the site be moved to a location six miles away from private land, residences or water resources. "So it would be a win for Black Mountain, they would have their facility up and going again, it would be a win for the gas company, cause they'd have a close place to dump, it would be a win for the people here in the neighborhood," says Lamm.
along with a plan to clean up the leak, Black Mountain will be required to start testing well water in the area for contamination.

Messages left for Black Mountain were not returned.

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