McCain, Obama Focus on Economic Worries

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Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP) John McCain and Barack Obama are adjusting their messages, trying to connect with voters' fears about the economy.

In a new two-minute TV ad, Obama talks about how he'll fix an economy in which he says “paychecks are flat and home values are falling.”

McCain and running mate Sarah Palin are softening their opposition to government bailouts. They're describing the takeover of the giant insurer AIG as unfortunate but necessary to protect ordinary Americans.

Obama and McCain are both calling for crackdowns on free-wheeling Wall Street practices. And they say they want tough new regulations on financial institutions.

But Obama ridicules McCain on that. He says McCain has long supported deregulation, but is just now coming around. And his running mate, Joe Biden, says it took a financial crisis on Wall Street for McCain to realize the economy is in trouble.

Palin, meanwhile, is defending McCain for saying that the fundamentals of the economy were sound. She told Fox News that McCain was referring to the “work force” and the “ingenuity of the American people.”

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