School Board Introduced To Next Year's Budget

Mesa County District 51 schools are expecting an influx of roughly 125 students for the 2006/2007 school year and with budget talks getting underway, school board members are taking the increase into account. Tuesday's budget proposal presentation from Superintendent Dr. Tim Mills came to roughly $128M, an increase of $10M from last year's amended budget.

It was the first time board members heard the budget proposal and of the $128M, roughly $96M, or 75 percent of the budget, will be dedicated towards directly satisfying student needs. Those needs include providing not only teachers, but text books, health services, councilors and countless other student necessities at the district's 42 schools. The remaining 25 percent is geared towards district needs, which involves everything from administrative staff to food services. With at least three–quarters of the proposed going directly to schools and students, district officials say the money's going exactly where it needs to.

School board members will conduct further discussion in early June, with the budget likely being adopted later next month.