Suspected Burglar Detained By Karate Instructor

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Golden, Colo. (AP) Jefferson County Sheriff's Officials are crediting a karate instructor with detaining a suspected burglar he saw leaving a school late at night.

Authorities say Kevin Kowalczik saw 21-year-old Kyle J. Torres leaving the school Tuesday night, confronted him and told him to get on the ground.

Torres ran, but Kowalczik chased him. Torres allegedly hit Kowalczik in the chest, but Kowalczik held Torres until sheriff's deputies arrived.

Kowalczik and his friends had been watching area businesses following a string of recent burglaries.

Sheriff's officials say Torres was being held on $5,000 bond on suspicion of second-degree burglary, third-degree assault, theft, criminal mischief and possession of burglary tools.