Veterans Gather to Recognize POW/MIA Day

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Today at VFW Post 1247 former POWs from Colorado gathered to remember their time as prisoners and to remember those who didn’t make it back.
ROTH– "I went in the last day of Dec 1941, we knew war was going to come."
ANDERSON WESLEY BAILEY JR.– "Shells and everything was flying and you couldn't see from here to that wall."
While Anderson Wesley Bailey Jr. fought Rommel in North Africa Charlie Roth flew over France in a b–17 bomber...

"We flew eight missions before I got shot down and I was the last one out of the airplane."

BAILEY– "All of the sudden a light armor car comes up over the top there and starts spraying bullets like this; RAT–TA–TAT–TAT"
Both men would be taken prisoner Roth would spend 27 months in enemy prison camps.
CHARLIE ROTH– "It was kinda scary, I can see them shooting French Resistance down in the yard everyday."
I tried to escape one time for 10 days with Rusty and Paul Gidons."

Roth unfortunately was recaptured, however both men survived long enough in prison camps before being liberated by allied forces.
BAILEY JR.– "When I got out it felt like I'd been gone away 10 years you know, cause in there everyday seemed like a week and every week seemed like a month."
Roth remembers his first glimpse of home.
ROTH– "I told the statue of liberty... the statue of liberty was going to have to turn around to see me."

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