2nd Annual Pork and Hops Challenge

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The Second Annual Pork and Hops challenge is underway at Lincoln Park. The event is Friday and Saturday and offers all the barbeque and beer you can eat, but there is also a big competition going on there. 11 News Reporter Jessica Zartler has the juicy details.

There's nothing like the sound of succulent sizzling meat for people like Bob Sammons.

His barbeque team, the Outstanding Order of the Pig Society is trying to baste and smoke their way to the top.

"Competition is as strong as any part in the country," Sammons told 11 News as he was grilling pork butt and bratwurst.

He's competing against 56 other barbeque masters from atleast eight other states in categories like chicken, brisket, ribs and pork butt.

"Why the butt? Well, it's a good piece of meat. Nothin like a good butt rub, that's what we put on it to give it the flavor, the rub," said Sammons.

Jokes aside, the teams are fighting for $20,000 worth of cash and prizes and a spot at a national competition.

They'll be up all night cooking they're competition dishes with judging starting on Saturday.

Arlie Bragg is the barbeque coordinator for the competition. He travels around the country running competitions and says the judges will be grilling the entries.

"They go on presentation, tenderness and taste."

So what makes for a winning barbeque dish?

"If you had some ribs and they were amazing and you would drive 100 miles to eat them again," Bragg told 11 News on Friday.

And Bob Sammons knows if he wants to sink his teeth into the top prize, he'll have to kick butt, or make some really good barbeque out of it.

"I wish everyone good luck. I just need them to place one place below me," Sammons told 11 News on Friday.

For more information on the schedule of the Pork and Hops Challenge click on the link below.

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