29 Road Bridge Nearing Completion

Crews working on the new 29 Road Bridge over the Colorado River are starting to put the final touches on the new span.

Workers are putting on finishing touches and adding guardrails along the bridge, which rises 80 feet above the Colorado River. Work also continues on paving and sidewalks on the approach to the bridge from the Orchard Mesa side of the span.

Most of the remaining work on the bridge involves electrical assemblies such as wiring the state-of-the-art computerized de-icing system for the bridge, which automatically detects icing in cold weather.

The City of Grand Junction is responsible for the 29 Road construction between D Road and the bridge. That work is also ahead of schedule as crews build gutters and sidewalks and continue grade work. Paving on the road is scheduled to start next week. Both projects should be complete and open to traffic soon, with ribbon–cutting on the project expected in July.