Three Rescued On Colorado River

Three teenagers are lucky to be alive after their raft is caught in an eddy on the Colorado River.

Two groups of rafters were on a day trip from Corn Lake State Park in Cliftin to Fruita. About a mile downstream of the Highway 340 bridge in Grand Junction the group came upon a "keeper hole," a violent whirlpool caused by a large rock in the river. One boat of three paddlers avoided the hazard, but moments later the second trio's raft was caught in the backflow.

Paddlers in the first raft were able to reach shore and contact authorities at 2:45 in the afternoon. About 15 minutes later rescuers were in the water and nearing the raft.

As rescuers tried to pull the raft from the hole the boat flipped, sending the three into the water. Firefighters on "boogie boards" were able to pull the three to a nearby boat.

It took about 45 minutes to rescue the teens, who were wet and cold but otherwise unhurt. They were released without needing medical treatment.