Details Released on Carroll Shooting

More details have been released on the May 7th shooting of Rebecca Carroll, whose husband was later killed outside an Orchard Mesa bowling alley after he allegedly drew a weapon on undercover drug officers.

According to information released today by the Grand Junction Police Department, Carroll confirmed through interviews that her husband Joseph shot her. The Carrolls had already been the subject of numerous domestic violence complaints, and police say on the night of May 7th an argument nearly had deadly consequences. An arguement broke out between the two after Joseph sold clothing belonging to Rebecca to buy drugs.

After the shooting Rebecca Carroll was taken by a passenger in the car to Community Hospital. She was later flown to a Denver hospital where she remains in intensive care with a bullet in her spine. That bullet has not been removed and she remains paralyzed below the waist.

on may 10th joseph carroll was killed when he allegedly drew a gun on officers as they approached him in the parking lot of a bowling alley on orchard mesa...