Kenyon Withdraws From District 54 Race

Citing a decision to maintain party unity, Republican candidate Tom Kenyon withdraws from the race for House District 54.

Kenyon throws his support to fellow candidate and current Mesa County Sheriff's Office Investigator Steve King, who stood beside Kenyon during the announcement.

Kenyon did not receive the required 30 per cent of the votes at the county assembly to advance to the primary election.

A former deputy director of Colorado State Parks, Kenyon says if King wasn't such a strong candidate he would have petitioned onto the ballot. He says he will offer King any support and advice he needs, especially on wildlife and hunter issues.

King received 56 per cent of the delegates at the district assembly.
He faces pastor Dan Wilkenson in the Republican race. Palisade Democrat Richard Alward is also seeking the District 54 seat, which is being vacated by Josh Penry in his run for state senate.