Haz-Mat Responds to Community Services Building

Two Mesa County employees are isolated this afternoon after handling a suspicious envelope at the Mesa County Community Services building last week. Grand Junction's Haz–Mat team wasn't called out to investigate the envelope until Tuesday afternoon.

At about 4:30 on Friday evening someone walked through the front doors of the Mesa County Community Services building and hand delivered a manila envelope to the receptionist. According to Grand Junction Fire Department Spokesperson Mike Page, after handling the envelope, two employees experienced some minor skin irritation. They locked it in a closet where it remained over the holiday weekend. The Grand Junction Haz–Mat team wasn't called out until Tuesday. When they arrived they secured the copy room where the envelope was located and isolated the two employees that had handled the envelope. From there two members of the team suited up and headed in. The powder found in the manila envelope is consistent with a cleaning solution a janitor might use to clean–up viral contamination. No one was evacuated from the building and it was only put on lock down for a brief moment when the Haz–Mat team entered. At this time, the Grand Junction Police Department says they have a pretty good idea of who may have delivered the envelope. The incident is still under investigation.