Man Facing Murder Charges For Involvement In Fatal Crash

A Grand Junction man faces more than ten criminal charges in connection with a fatal Memorial Day crash. On Monday 41–year–old Diana Lee Moreno lost her life and now the man being held responsible for her death is facing 14 charges.

37–year–old Troy Wayne Cooksey faces eight charges in connection to the fatal crash. The most serious being two counts of first degree murder, one count of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and reckless endangerment.

On Monday afternoon Cooksey was driving a stolen Ford F150 eastbound on White Avenue when he sped through a stop sign at 7th Street and broadsided a Ford Escort. The passenger of the Escort, Diana Lee Moreno, was pronounced dead at the scene and the car's driver suffered serious bodily injury. Cooksey also faces six charges related to the theft of the Ford F150 and an altercation with the truck's owners and a Grand Junction Police Officer before the fatal crash occurred. They include robbery and aggravated motor vehicle theft. Cooksey is being held at the Mesa County Jail awaiting a court date.