Fruita Teen Stabbed in Face Released from Hospital

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A Fruita teen is at home recovering, after his family and friends say he was viciously attacked and stabbed early Sunday morning.

Last week, 18-year-old Travis Stout received some crushing news. His friend Josh Burris had been killed in a motorcycle crash. Saturday night, he and several of Burris' friends gathered in the desert between 18 Road and 20 Road to have a bonfire party in his honor.

Travis' friend Wyatt Creamer says they arrived at the party later than most, and when they go there, things were getting rough.

"A lot of fights broke out," said Creamer. "It was caused from drinking mostly, because they had a lot of alcohol out here."

Unfortunately for them, Travis ended up on the losing side of one of those fights.

"We got a call about one-thirty in the morning that my son had been either shot or stabbed," said Wayne Stout, Travis' father.

Wayne says after talking with Travis' girlfriend, who was with him at the time, he learned that his son and another teen got into an argument over whether or not Travis could be at the bonfire. The teen then came at Travis fast and hard with a large metal pipe.

"Broke his jaw in three places," said Wayne Stout. "And put a hole in his face six inches long."

Travis' girlfriend says as she rushed to get him out of the desert, the teen followed them in his vehicle, trying to run the truck they were in off the road. After getting away, they made it back to Travis' house where an ambulance was waiting for him. Wayne says the severity of what happened hit him hard when he saw all the blood.

"It was literally pumping out of his throat and neck," said Wayne Stout. "We didn't think we were going to get him to the hospital, so I'm very thankful we got him there on time."

Travis spent nearly six hours in surgery Sunday morning. His parents say for now, his jaw is wired shut and he will likely have to have plastic surgery to repair the damage to his face.

While they're very happy Travis is still alive, his friends and family say they should never have had to have that feeling in the first place.

"We were out here celebrating for Josh and then all this stuff had to happen," said Creamer. "We don't want two people dead."

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says the case is still under investigation, and would not release information to 11 News on the matter. At this time no arrests have been made, but the Stouts say after Travis got out of surgery Sunday morning he was able to tell deputies exactly who it was that came at him with the pipe.

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