Become a Tutor for Drug Endangered Children

"Drug Endangered Children" have teamed up with "How are the Children?" To provide at risk kids in our community some additional tutoring. The idea behind the program is that providing kids with an education, prevents them from using drugs in the future.

They are asking for volunteers to commit to one kid, one hour, once a week for one school year, that’s it. The volunteers can choose the age of the kid they feel most comfortable with, the tutoring topic or subject and then work out a location and time for weekly tutoring with the student and family.

There is a one hour training on Wed, Sept 24th from noon to 1pm, lunch is free. To attend you must RSVP to 244-1885 or e-mail Janet Rowland at This basic training will be held in the county annex building and will also be an opportunity to get more information about the program.

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