Bar Owners Hire Attorney

Local bar owners are gearing up for a legal battle against the state–wide smoking ban. Business owners wanting to stop the state–wide smoking ban have hired an attorney. For the past month, bar owners here on the Western Slope have been working closely with other bar owners on the front range to stop the state–wide smoking ban which goes into effect July first. Together they've formed the Coalition for Equal Rights which has raised more than 40 thousand dollars for legal representation. Joseph Becker with Mountain States Legal Foundation in Lakewood Colorado has decided to take on the case. Sharon Flader with the Triple Tree Tavern says they will file an injunction within the next week or two. Then if they get a hearing they plan to have a rally in Denver on Capitol Hill. Bar owners statewide plan to argue that the smoking ban violates the 14th Amendment of the U..S. Constitution. But while bar owners are gearing up for a legal battle against the state- the state is working to educate them on how to enforce the state–wide smoking ban– a ban they hope will stick. On Monday June 5th Smoke-Free Colorado a statewide coalition launched an educational campaign aimed educating business owners and residents about the Colorado Clean Indoor Act. They've set up a web site at and even a 24/7 call center to answer questions. Members of Smoke-Free Colorado anticipate the informational Web site and call center will be highly used in mid–June two weeks before the law goes into effect. However some bar owners are hoping their injunction will stop the law altogether. Colorado is the 13th state to enact a smoke–free law.