Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce Opposes Four Amendments

The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce along with local organizations announced today that they oppose amendments 53, 55, 56, and 57, the Chamber says they are actively encouraging people to vote against these four measures.

Amendment 53

"Hold a business executive criminally responsible for the business's failure to perform a duty required by law if the official knew of the duty and the business's failure to perform it."

Amendment 55

"Prohibit private-sector employers fro firing or suspending full-time employees except for specific reasons; and allow an employee who believes he or she was improperly fired or suspended to sue the employer."

Amendment 56

"Require private employers with 20 or more employees to either provide health insurance for both employees and their dependents or pay for insurance through a new state authority."

"Limit the amount the employee must pay to 20 percent for employee-only coverage and to 30 percent for dependent coverage; and

require the state legislature to implement the measure, including establishing the new state authority and minimum standards for health insurance plans."

Amendment 57

"Require every private employer in Colorado with ten or more employees to provide a safe and healthy workplace/ and

allow an injured person to seek damages in court, beyond worker's compensation benefits, if the employee believes that the employer failed to provide a safe and healthy workplace."