Persistent Power Problems Plague Horizon Drive Businesses

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Power problems have plagued Horizon Drive businesses, we've told you about several outages in the area in the past year.

Now Xcel's plan for a fix is four months behind and customers are frustrated. 11 News Reporter Jessica Zartler has the story in this week's edition of Growing Grand Junction.

Every time George Huisman gets to work and goes to turn the lights on, he wonders if they will.

"We lose power in the daytime we got no computers, we do it the old fashioned way. We lose power at night, it's done," Huisman told 11 News on Tuesday.

He's the director of Human Services at Intellitec College and he's fed up with frequent power outages at the school.

"It's cost us a lot of money and it's cost the students a lot of time and headache. It would be nice to get this thing done."

By his count, at least a dozen in the last year, forcing the school to cancel classes and pay for AC repairs.

He's not alone. Several businesses have called 11 News to complain about the problem after our cameras captured gas stations and businesses in the dark.

Xcel Community Service Manager Fred Eggleston says old cables are to blame for the problems, but the solution is a little more complicated.

"Originally these were supposed to last 30 years, I guess they didn't," said Eggleston.

He says his crews are so swamped keeping up with growth and emergency repairs that it leaves little time to fix the old lines.

And even when they do schedule projects, there can be delays. In this case Eggleston said the power company has had problems getting right of way rights to do construction and extra time for a re–design.

"There are two major hurdles we didn't know about going into it. Now we think we have those resolved have this done before winter," Eggleston told 11 News on Tuesday.

But until the lines get replaced, it's a guessing game for businesses on Horizon Drive and people at Intellitec College--wondering every time they flip the switch, they'll be left in the dark.

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