Poll Suggests Economy Key Issue For Undecided Voters

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Washington (AP) You could say undecided voters are a tough crowd in tough times.

An AP-Yahoo News poll takes a look at the 18 percent of voters it suggests are still up for grabs in the presidential race.

The Midwest is home to more of these undecided voters than other regions, and the economy seems to be the overriding issue for them.

Overall, lots of voters say they're personally struggling, but persuadable voters say they are really hurting. Some 38 percent say it's “very difficult” for them to get ahead financially, and another 26 percent say it's “somewhat difficult.”

Among uncommitted voters, John McCain leads on Iraq, terrorism, taxes, corruption, immigration and gun rights. Barack Obama has an edge on health care, gay marriage, the environment, stem-cell research, racial equality and education.

The candidates get even marks on the economy.

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