Suspicious Package Found In Fruita

Grand Junction bomb squad and haz mat units are called upon Tuesday afternoon after a suspicious package was discovered in a mailbox in Fruita.
The package was discovered shortly after 1:30 p.m. at the home of attorney John Moore, a former candidate for Mesa County District Attorney.
The incident sparked a response from not only bomb squad and haz mat units, but Lower Valley and Grand Junction Fire Departments and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.
The package turned out to be a couple of cardboard cylinders wrapped with duck tape and filled with a powder that's used to propel model rockets, however, there was no ignition source attached.
Once Moore discovered the package, he contacted the Fruita Police Department and Lower Valley Fire Department.
Once on-scene, the Grand Junction bomb squad was called in and a robot was utilized to retrieve the package from the mailbox.
As far as suspects go, Moore was found not guilty yesterday of harassment and violating a restraining order in regards to his estranged wife, but at this time, authorities aren't connecting the court case with this incident.